“Marsh Madness”
                         Is a quality of life restoration project.  
                           Designed to safeguard our environment,
                                        our homes, and our kids!
Marsh Madness is also a group of neighbors and friends who call the peninsula of Hough’s Neck in Quincy, Massachusetts our home.
With over 300 acres of marsh, surrounded by 9 miles of coastline, we are a community connected by the sea. Our goal is to restore
tidal flow to long neglected areas of marsh, while improving flood, fire and mosquito control.
We are creating hatcheries for fish and habitat for birds not seen here for generations! We’re turning Hough’s Neck into a giant “Fish
Generator” sending Billions of small fry (baby fish) into Massachusetts Bay every year. The small fry diet is mosquito larvae. Proper
marsh management can eliminate 99% of our mosquito problem, without spraying. The only by-product is big fat fish!
We are leading the way in good coastal stewardship. We engineer and survey entire neighborhoods before we put a shovel in the
We work closely with (and have received numerous awards from) NOAA, the EPA, the Army Corps of Engineers, National Marine
Fisheries, Coastal Zone Management, Division Of Marine Fisheries, Norfolk County Mosquito Control and many other agencies.
They combine brains with bulldozers to create wetlands that work for us, not against us.
The result is new salt ponds with wading birds, great fishing, fewer mosquito’s, Osprey towers, bird boxes and spectacular views.
We are also a shot in the arm for our economy, at over $1 Billion Dollars a year for the Mass Bay Fishing Industry! How’s that for a by-
One Word of Caution!
Many of us live in the flood plain. This means we will flood during coastal storms like Northeasters and Hurricanes. We cannot stop
the storms, but if we are smart, we can reduce the severity and frequency of the flooding.
Understanding our coastal environment will allow us to live in harmony with one of nature’s most powerful forces, (well, most of the
time anyway): the Mighty Atlantic Ocean!
Our motto is “Patience and Perseverance”! Trust me when I say we came up with the motto many years after we started the project.  
Click on my name to e-mail me, and feel free to call me anytime.    Hope all is well with you and yours.
                           P.J. Foley (617) 479-3800
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